Interstate 5/Genesee Avenue Interchange

Construction start: February 2015

Anticipated completion: Spring 2018

The $105-million Interstate 5/Genesee Avenue Interchange Project is being funded through a partnership between the Federal Highway Administration (FTA), Caltrans, the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), the City of San Diego and UC San Diego. Widening the Genesee Avenue bridge will complement recently completed Genesee Avenue enhancements and improve local traffic circulation and freeway access.

The existing six-lane Genesee Avenue overpass will be replaced with a ten-lane structure that will better accommodate current and future traffic demands. Along with replacement of the overpass, the project will widen the freeway access ramps, and add an auxiliary lane in the northbound direction on I-5 between Genesee Avenue and Roselle Street.

This project also will add a Class 1 bicycle and pedestrian path – a dedicated path for the exclusive use of bicyclists and pedestrians. This path will provide links to transportation, employment centers, hospitals and the campus. At UC San Diego, this dedicated path will run east of the Campus Services Complex and will be accessed at the Gilman Drive/Voigt Drive intersection. It will extend to the Sorrento Valley COASTER Station north of campus.

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I5 Genesse interchange simulation

Genesee Avenue Bridge Simulation: Looking northwest over Interstate 5. See current construction photos.

Stages of Construction

The project consists of five stages of construction and is currently in Stage 4 (as of Summer 2016), which is expected to last approximately 14 months.

What to expect during Stage 4:

  • Intermittent traffic delays with overnight lane closures as needed
  • No pedestrian access within project limits
  • Northbound bike access will be maintained via I-5 shoulder
  • Southbound bike access available via new bike path
  • Construction work on retaining walls
  • Continue work on Genesee Avenue widening and bridge construction

The project is expected to be completed in spring 2018.

Safety Tips

During construction, motorists are urged to slow down and all travelers are encouraged to give themselves more time and anticipate possible traffic delays.

Lead Partners

This project is a partnership between FTA, Caltrans, SANDAG, the City of San Diego and UC San Diego. Although the I-5/Genesee Avenue Interchange is not a UC San Diego project, the university has been involved in planning to ensure minimal disruption to the campus during construction as well as the best possible outcomes for our students, faculty, staff, patients and visitors.

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