Gilman Drive/Gilman Bridge

Gilman Bridge

Construction start/Anticipated completion:

  • January 2016 for Gilman Drive Realignment/Completed early 2017
  • Fall 2016 for Gilman Bridge/Anticipated completion in 2019

This new bridge will unite existing campus roads on both sides of the I-5 freeway: Gilman Drive on the west and Medical Center Drive on the east. Travelers will be able to go from one side of campus to the other without driving on busy city streets such as La Jolla Village Drive and Genesee Ave. Traffic on these roadways will be reduced and getting across campus will be quicker and more efficient.

To facilitate smooth traffic flow, the bridge and intersections on both sides will have three-lane configurations: One lane of traffic each way with a protected left-hand turn lane. Sidewalks and bicycle lanes will also be included on the bridge.

Gilman Bridge

Construction on the Gilman Bridge is underway and expected to be completed in 2019. Currently, anyone driving by the Gilman Bridge area will see temporary barricades and a lot of dirt excavation going on along the sides of the I-5 freeway. Wooden formwork is going up on the east side with concrete pours expected to start this spring. By the end of the year, expect to see wooden formwork going up on both sides of the freeway with more concrete pours to come.

Gilman Drive Realignment

Construction to realign Gilman Drive began January 2016 and was completed in early 2017. The realignment reconfigured and widened Gilman Drive from Villa La Jolla east and north towards Voigt Drive and provides a new four-way signalized intersection to improve campus circulation. The realignment facilitates connection to the Gilman Bridge project that is currently being implemented by Caltrans.

What to Expect

During construction, expect the following:

  • Gilman Drive will remain available but there will be intermittent traffic delays near the VA Medical Center. Signage and flaggers will be posted to help direct traffic.
  • Access to the VA Medical Center and Villa La Jolla Drive will be maintained throughout the project.
  • Pedestrian pathways will be impacted and pedestrians may be directed to adjacent walkways during some phases of construction.
  • Bicycle traffic through construction areas may be periodically redirected to adjacent sidewalks or pathways.
  • Emergency responders will have access to nearby hospitals 24 hours/day, seven days/week.
  • Overnight lane closures will occur as needed.
  • Bus stops near the VA Medical Center along Gilman Drive may be periodically relocated during construction.

Parking Impacts

As a result of construction on the Gilman Drive Realignment, two parking lots have been impacted:

  • Parking Lot P406 at Sixth College/Pepper Canyon has been partially or completely closed during construction depending on the work schedule. Approximately 90 spaces were returned to service April 2017.
  • Parking Lot P651, the temporary lot located across Gilman Drive from P406, closed permanently on Jan. 18, 2016.
For alternative parking options, visit Transportation Services.

Safety Tips

During construction, motorists are urged to slow down. All travelers are encouraged to give themselves more time and anticipate possible traffic delays.

Lead Partners

UC San Diego and Caltrans

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